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Los Angeles Police Department Recovers Stolen 2013 Toyota Tacoma Assisted by the LoJack® System

When the Toyota Tacoma owner in this case had the LoJack® system installed at the time of purchase, he probably didn’t anticipate his truck being stolen just eight months later, but he was smart enough to be prepared, and local law enforcement was able to track it down that same day. On June 8th, 2013,

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The LoJack® System Helps California Highway Patrol Recover Stolen Toyota Tacoma in ELEVEN MINUTES!

This next case took place in a California town located very close to Disneyland. A 2011 Toyota Tacoma was stolen by the owner’s ex-boyfriend, who obviously is no Prince Charming. The extremely fast recovery proves that, no matter how far a thief goes, with the LoJack® System and your local police doing the tracking, it’s

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