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Seattle, Washington Police Recover Lexus HS250S Stolen From Dealership, Assisted by the LoJack® System, in just 42 Minutes

The Lexus HS250S in this next case was being detailed at a dealership in Parkland, WA, when the attendant left it alone and running for just a moment- which is all it took for an enterprising thief to hop in and drive it away. Luckily, the car’s owner had the LoJack® system installed when he

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LoJack Helps Seattle Police Recover Deployed Soldier’s Nissan 350Z

Here at LoJack Corporation, we honor those who serve the military past, present and future. We are particularly pleased when our product works to recover the vehicle of a deployed service member. On November, 5th, 2012, while the owner of a Nissan 350Z was on active duty deployment, his car was stolen from his residence

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