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The LoJack® System Helps Texas Department of Public Safety, San Antonio Police and Bexar County Sheriff’s Department Recover Honda Ridgeline Stolen during Home Invasion

The San Antonio, TX residents in this case were the victims of a home invasion. The thieves took cash and jewelry, and then took the owners’ Honda Ridgeline to escape in. Thanks to the LoJack transponder concealed in the SUV, local police recovered it that same day, along with two other recently stolen vehicles. On

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The LoJack® Early Warning System Helps San Antonio, Texas Police Recover Stolen Suzuki GSXR 600 Motorcycle

If you’ve ever been the victim of vehicle theft, you may have considered how convenient it would be if your car, truck, van or motorcycle could call you and let you know it’s being stolen. Well, the Early Warning System from LoJack ® is based on that premise. When your machine is moved without your

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Thieves Leave Skid Steer Loader to “Cool Off,” but LoJack Found it “Hot”

On a Sunday night before the manager of a national home improvement store in San Antonio, TX left for the evening, the store’s skid steer loader was secured on a trailer. The manager had a very unpleasant Monday morning, as he discovered that the loader had been stolen right off the trailer.  Fortunately, the skid

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Top 5 Construction Equipment Theft Recoveries of 2011

From busting chop shops to getting the bad guys behind these crimes and their weapons off the streets, LoJack continues to be the most effective system for protecting construction equipment from today’s sophisticated professional thieves.   Top Construction Equipment Theft Recovery Stories of 2011:  #5. Thieves Leave Loader to “Cool Off,” but LoJack Found it “Hot”

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Texas Department of Public Safety Recover Stolen Construction Equipment Using LoJack & Night Vision Goggles

When a construction company discovered that their rented 2005 Takeuchi tractor had been stolen, they immediately filed a theft report with the San Antonio Police Department. After all the pertinent information was gathered, the police entered the equipment’s information into the National Crime Information Center computers, which automatically activated the LoJack System covertly installed on

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