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The LoJack® System Helps San Diego, California Police Recover Stolen 2014 Mazda MZ6 in 31 Minutes

This California resident had good reason to be glad he chose to have the LoJack® system installed on his 2014 Mazda MZ6. His car was stolen 21 days after he purchased it, and his local police were able to recover it, using LoJack, in just over one half hour after activation. On July 29th, 2013,

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LoJack’s Best Sports Car Recovery Stories of All Time

LoJack® continues to be No. 1 in theft recovery, with a recovery rate greater than 90% on cars and trucks. Since 1986, LoJack has recovered more than 300,000 stolen vehicles and construction equipment—worth nearly $4 billion. LoJack has had some incredible recovery stories over the course of its 25+ years. Below are the sports car

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