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The LoJack® System Helps Chicago, Illinois Police Recover 2013 BMW 650 Stolen from Dealership in Atlanta, Georgia

A 2013 BMW 650 Ci valued at $87,000 was stolen from a dealership in Atlanta, GA, due to fraudulent information provided by the purchaser. This thief probably thought he or she was home free when the car was transported to Chicago, IL, but this clever crook wasn’t counting on the LoJack® system. The victimized dealership

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LoJack® System Assists Gwinnett County GA Police in Recovery of Ford F-350 Utility Truck Stolen from Workplace

A favorite trick of car thieves is to hide a victim’s vehicle in a location that’s not very well-traveled to allow a ‘cooling off’ period before moving it again. It’s lucky for this truck’s owner that the LoJack® System never cools off, but stays hot on the trail of any stolen car, truck or motorcycle

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