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The LoJack® System Helps Aurora, Illinois Police Recover Stolen Mercedes Benz ML430

The owner of a Mercedes Benz ML430 was startled on a recent Wednesday morning to discover her SUV was not where she had parked it the previous evening. The LoJack® system she had installed when purchasing her vehicle showed what a good investment it was by helping local police recover her ML430 quickly, safely, and

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Honda Civic Gets Stolen & Recovered Just One Month After Customer Installs LoJack

Imagine the shock and anger of realizing your car has been stolen. Then consider the 180 degree turn in emotion when you realize that the LoJack stolen vehicle recovery device you just purchased less than a month ago actually worked and it helped police locate your stolen vehicle in less than one hour. Well it’s

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Range Rover Stolen by Armed Carjacker; Recovered by Police in Just Over an Hour

On July 11, 2011 at 11:09 p.m., the owner of a 2007 Range Rover SUV reported their vehicle stolen after an armed carjacking from 3800 26th St. NE in Washington, DC. A police officer responded to the location and, after conducting an investigation, obtained all the vehicle information to include the vehicle identification number and

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