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(PIC) Car Thieves Can’t “Foil” Police

This case involves a 2009 Kawasaki ZX100 motorcycle stolen overnight from its owner’s residence in Woodstock, GA. Local law enforcement recovered the bike later that same day, assisted by the LoJack® system that was installed at purchase. Even though the thieves took some unusual precautions to avoid discovery, they weren’t able to ‘foil’ LoJack! On

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Chicago, Illinois Police Locate 2013 BMW 640 Stolen from Georgia Dealer with Help from the LoJack® System

In this case, a 2013 BMW 640 stolen from a dealer in Georgia is recovered by Chicago, IL police assisted by the LoJack system. On January 21st, 2014, the dealership contacted police in Roswell, GA, to report the vehicle missing from their lot along with its keys. Officers verified the theft and entered the vehicle

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LoJack Aids Canadian & U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies in International Crime Ring Bust, Recovering $3.2 Million in Assets

LoJack announced today its participation with the international crime ring investigation Project Windows. The operation included collaborative efforts between Canadian Law Enforcement, United States Homeland Security and Canadian Border Services, who each played a key role in tracking the group of highly-skilled criminals responsible for stealing more than $5.4 million in vehicles as part of

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