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Just Released: LoJack Monthly Recovery Report – September Issue

  Today, we are happy to announce the release of the inaugural LoJack Monthly Recovery Report. In this month’s issue, you’ll see a number of luxury vehicles recovered in Texas, including one vehicle worth over $145,000. This should not come as a surprise, as Texas is the #2 state for auto theft in the country according to the most recent FBI Uniform Crime Report. We

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Auto Theft Awareness in Arapahoe, Colorado

  More vehicles are stolen in the summer months than any other time of the year, which is why LoJack and law enforcement groups across the country promote July as National Vehicle Theft Protection Month (NVTPM). Law enforcement groups use this time of year to focus in on the issue of auto theft in their communities and promote use

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How Car Theft Disproportionately Affects Low-Income Drivers

  Cars have long been signifiers of wealth, social mobility, and personal freedom. However, for large segments of America’s less affluent, they’re much more than a symbol of success. For them, owning a car is not only a means of supporting their careers and families—it’s a key way of escaping poverty. In fact, studies have

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Protect Yourself From Connected Thieves Using a Layered Security Approach

  Many of today’s cars are technological marvels. While we once only expected our vehicles to transport us safely from point A to point B, modern consumers are increasingly looking for a connected car experience. GPS navigation devices and advanced engine monitoring systems are now often standard features, as is the ability to link our

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How Chop Shops Work: Vehicle Theft on the Rise

Previously, we took a closer look at why recent FBI data shows a rise in vehicle thefts across the U.S. One of the most alarming trends we noticed is how these thefts are not only increasing nationwide, but are actually becoming more prevalent in the West. While this may be due to number of reasons,

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Why Vehicle Theft Is Rising Across the Country

  More vehicles are stolen in the summer months than during any other time. That’s why LoJack has designated July National Vehicle Theft Protection Month (NVTPM) to help educate drivers about how they can best protect their vehicles. It’s especially important to be vigilant this summer, as data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report shows

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The Value of The LoJack System to Communities

The LoJack®  Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is a small device that is covertly installed in a vehicle, with the hope that it can recover a stolen vehicle if the owner is unfortunate enough to be the victim of auto theft.  A number of years ago, the authors of a study (Ayers and Levitt) found that

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Chevy Camaro – Attractive Auto Theft Target; Multiple Recent Recoveries

Update: May 15 – Two More Camaro Recoveries in Bay Area Barely a month after the original post, and we’ve seen two more Chevrolet Camaro recoveries in Bay Area.  The first is a 2015 Camaro SS that was reported stolen and found in Oakland.  The second Camaro Recovery was found by the Alameda County Regional

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Auto Theft up in Colorado, Hitting Subaru Owners

Colorado is battling an auto theft surge, with the total thefts increasing 27% in 2016 according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Owners of Subaru cars are getting hit hard. Thieves aren’t just stealing them for joyrides anymore, and it can be serious business.  What victims get back may not be what they want to

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Auto Theft on the Rise in Oregon

As we’ve discussed on this blog in the past, the west coast is a hot bed for auto theft. California is the top state for auto theft, and Washington is not far behind at #4. A trend is also emerging in Oregon, where auto theft has increased 10% over the previous year according to recent FBI

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