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Auto Theft on the Rise in Oregon

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As we’ve discussed on this blog in the past, the west coast is a hot bed for auto theft. California is the top state for auto theft, and Washington is not far behind at #4. A trend is also emerging in Oregon, where auto theft has increased 10% over the previous year according to recent FBI data.

Auto thieves in Portland, in particular, are stealing vehicles at a high rate. In fact, according to recent data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there were nearly 8,000 vehicles stolen in the Portland metro area – that ranks in the top 10% of all metro areas in the country.

A recent recovery of a Ford F350 by the Portland Police Bureau using the LoJack® System exemplifies the auto theft problem in the area.

Why the Uptick in Oregon Auto Theft?

Recent case law in Oregon has made it more challenging to convict auto thieves. Often times, auto thieves are career criminals, and they steal cars in order to commit or finance other crimes. It makes sense that if more career criminals are turned loose, auto theft will be on the rise.

The good news: with the help of LoJack, law enforcement agencies in areas like Multnomah and Marion County are working to mitigate the impact of auto theft in Oregon communities. If you live in Oregon, and especially in Portland, you should consider protecting your vehicle with an effective product like the LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.


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