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LoJack Releases 8th Annual Vehicle Theft Recovery Report

LoJack is happy to announce the release of our 8th Annual Vehicle Theft Recovery Report, which details our recovery data for 2016. The data was revealed in an infographic earlier today. The key highlights of the 8th installment of the report include: Increase in Recoveries Helps Slow the Cycle of Crime Law enforcement officials recovered over

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Top Vehicle Theft Trends in the U.S. (INFOGRAPHIC)

  Recently, LoJack released the “Top Stolen Vehicle Theft Trends” infographic, which highlights the most recent auto theft data from the FBI and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). The graphic compares the top 20 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA’s) for total auto theft according to the 2015 FBI Uniform Crime Report and the top 10

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Thieves Believed to be using Wireless Device to Unlock Doors

Thieves continue to use bold techniques to break into cars, and this recent news story highlights how a suspect used what appears to be a wireless device to open the door of an SUV parked overnight in the owner’s driveway.  While the vehicle wasn’t stolen, their belongings were, including passports that were inadvertently left in the

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