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The LoJack® System Helps San Diego, California Police Recover Stolen 2014 Mazda MZ6 in 31 Minutes

This California resident had good reason to be glad he chose to have the LoJack® system installed on his 2014 Mazda MZ6. His car was stolen 21 days after he purchased it, and his local police were able to recover it, using LoJack, in just over one half hour after activation. On July 29th, 2013,

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Holiday Theft Report 2012

2011 National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Holiday Vehicle Theft Contact: Frank Scafidi 916.979.1510 fscafidi@nicb.org Vehicle Thieves Slow Down, but Never Take a Holiday Halloween Posts More Thefts, but New Year’s Day Still Busiest Official Holiday for Vehicle Thieves DES PLAINES, Ill., Dec. 18, 2012 — In 2011, more than trick-or-treaters were active on Halloween as that

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Seattle, Washington Police Recover Lexus HS250S Stolen From Dealership, Assisted by the LoJack® System, in just 42 Minutes

The Lexus HS250S in this next case was being detailed at a dealership in Parkland, WA, when the attendant left it alone and running for just a moment- which is all it took for an enterprising thief to hop in and drive it away. Luckily, the car’s owner had the LoJack® system installed when he

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Clayton County, Georgia Police Helicopter Unit Locate Stolen Toyota Camry Assisted by the LoJack® System

In this case, ground and air units from the Clayton County, GA Police work together to track a 2012 Toyota Camry stolen from East Point in just over two and a half hours with help from the LoJack® system. On July 25th, 2013, the Toyota’s owner contacted the East Point Police to report that their

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Police Say Mother and Daughter Swiped Car, Sold Stolen Jewelry and Used Heroin

By Ariel Wittenberg FAIRHAVEN — A mother and daughter went on a crime spree Friday that began with a stolen Lexus and ended with an arrest on drug charges, according to police. The wild day began at 11 a.m. when a “minor fender bender” occurred in the Ocean State Job Lot parking lot in Fairhaven,

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LoJack Technology helped Mirabel Police Track and Recover a Stolen Peterbilt and its Trailer!

2013 Peterbilt 386 Truck and 2005 SPOUG 53’ Trailer Activation: Mirabel Police Department Recovery: Mirabel Police Department Company: H.A. Action Express & Logistics Inc. On July 26th, an employee with a transport company noticed that their 2013 Peterbilt 386 Truck and 53’ Trailer was missing from their trucking yard in St. Laurent, Quebec. The trailer

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The LoJack® System Helps Southern California Police Recover Stolen Honda CR-V in Four Minutes

The LoJack® system is known for helping police find stolen cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles- usually in much less time than it would take without LoJack. This case is a prime example- a Honda CR-V taken from some California residents is recovered in just FOUR MINUTES after activation. On July 8th, 2013, the Honda’s owners

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