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LoJack’s Best Commercial Recovery Stories of All Time

LoJack® continues to be No. 1 in theft recovery. Since 1986, LoJack has recovered more than 300,000 stolen vehicles and construction equipment—worth nearly $4 billion. LoJack has had some incredible recovery stories over the course of its 25+ years, so in a series of ongoing posts, we will be sharing our best stories of all

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Thief Defeats Steering Wheel Lock, But Not LoJack

On Wednesday morning, November 16, 2011, the owner of a 2007 white Ford F-250 pickup truck contacted the Miami Police Department and notified them that someone had stolen their pickup truck sometime during the night.  The theft occurred despite the fact that the owner had installed a steering wheel locking device after he parked his

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Police Recover Retired Police Officer’s Stolen Toyota Highlander

Opportunistic thieves took advantage of an unfortunate situation involving a 75-year-old retired police officer earlier this week.  The retired officer, an owner of a 2006 Toyota Highlander, was disoriented due to a diabetic reaction while vacationing in Reno, NV. After he pulled off to the side of a street, an individual offered to assist the

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2000 Honda Civic Stolen 5 Times; Recovered 5 Times with LoJack

When the owner of a blue 2000 Honda Civic discovered that his vehicle was stolen, he immediately contacted the police to report the crime. Less than three hours after the LoJack signal was activated, detectives with Arizona’s RATTLER Auto Theft Task Force began picking up the silent signal with their LoJack Police Tracking Computers. The

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LoJack Helps Police Arrest Alleged Murder Suspect

An alleged murder suspect from Massachusetts is now in police custody thanks to LoJack and the Connecticut Police. The suspect was wanted in connection with the disappearance of a 36-year-old victim. The victim’s Honda Civic was entered as a stolen vehicle by the New Bedford (MA) Police.  The Honda Civic was transmitting its silent LoJack signal to police

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3 Different Cadillac Escalades Recovered In Las Vegas In Less Than a Week

Did you know that LoJack has been installed on over 8 million vehicles worldwide and that LoJack recovers on average more than 10,000 stolen vehicles each year? While the following 3 success stories that happened within the course of a week and had the same make and model vehicle in common may seem out of

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